• Offices and business centers
  • Residential interiors and homes
  • Public spaces, restaurants, hotels

Our design bureau specializes in residential and commercial interior design, premium and business-class home architecture, as well as creating public spaces. Our specialists have over 160,000 square meters of developed areas of various functional purposes under their belt.


Confidentiality of our clients and projects is an absolute priority.

Offices and Business Centers

We are ready to develop the design of a typical office workspace, based on the corporate style requirements of your company, as well as individual VIP workspaces, based on the requirements and preferences of top management. In both cases, we provide competent coordination of engineering systems and finishing solutions for high-quality project implementation.

Residential Interiors and Homes

We embody unique projects of interior finishing and arrangement of living spaces, as well as architecture of private villas with adjacent landscapes. We take into account location conditions, combine modern technical solutions and classic approaches in architecture to create a unique project.

Public Spaces, Restaurants, Hotels

We always strive to create a unique atmosphere for our objects so that people always want to come back and spend their time there. Our approaches and understanding of the commercial and residential real estate market ensure an increase in the value of the object and its long-term liquidity.